The number of new COVID-19 cases being reported in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania over the past week is showing a slight slow-down in infections.

While Bradford County last week reported an astounding 260 new cases, this week the number of new cases in the county is reported at 143.  Two more residents have died for a total of 114.  Last week, four Bradford County residents died.


Susquehanna County last week reported 168 new cases but yesterday’s report showed an addition of 84 cases. There was one more death in the County bringing Susquehanna’s total to 66.

Wayne County added 233 new cases last week but this week showed 98 new infections.  Wayne County also lost another resident to the pandemic, bringing the death toll to 104.  Last week the county recorded three deaths.

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Pennsylvania last week had more than 41,000 new COVID cases but this week reported 22,186 new cases state-wide.  Fatalities in the Commonwealth for the week were 186 while the previous week officials reported 1,357 deaths.

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