New York State Electric and Gas is warning customers about another scam attempt.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News


NYSEG says criminals are taking advantage of current inside gas meter inspections to try to get personal information from customers.

The utility says it has also recently gotten reports of customers who have accepted calls from people who say they are NYSEG employees or consultants. Some who call even have a corresponding forged caller ID.  Many threaten service will be cut unless there is an immediate payment over the pone using a prepaid debit card such as "Green Dot."  Customers are urged to never give out person or account information to unsolicited calls.

For people who find someone knocking at their door claiming to be from the utility, bear in mind real workers are not looking for payment.  

Real contractors working for NYSEG will always carry proper identification.  Customers who question whether or not the visit is legitimate are encouraged to call the customer service line at 800-572-1111.


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