New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says most people right now feel the federal government can’t be trusted to deliver a safe, reliable COVID vaccine without playing politics and he wouldn’t recommend jumping on an early chance to be vaccinated. 

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Cuomo September 24 said the state is putting together its own review committee and is coming up with a vaccination distribution and implementation plan. 


The Governor says 54% of those asked, said if the federal government announced a vaccine was available, they wouldn’t take it. 

The Democrat says the state’s new review committee is headed by the Department of Health and will advise his office on vaccine safety as it develops. 

As far as implementing a vaccine when it is deemed to be safe and effective, Cuomo says there may be a need for 40 million doses, based on two shots necessary, to cover 19-and-a-half million New Yorkers.  The new commission on vaccine distribution will work on training on administering shots, prioritizing who get vaccinated first and who is going to pay for it. 

Cuomo says “I want to make sure we don’t go through that same mess that we went through on PPE procurement where everyone is trying to buy it at the same period of time and we wind up driving up the price.” 

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