A Congressman from the Western and Central Southern Tier is making a visit to Broome County to weigh in on the November protests and confrontations that riled Binghamton University and resulted in a couple of arrests.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News


23rd District Republican Tom Reed is scheduled to meet today with the Binghamton University College Republicans and B.U. President Dr. Harvey Stenger to discuss “the restriction of free speech on campus.”

The former Mayor of Corning says he recently sent a letter to SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson and Dr. Stenger requesting more information about the incident that unplugged a speech by conservative economist Art Laffer and resulted in the detention of a couple students.

That confrontation followed a clash between students protesting two tables that had been set up on the campus, one promoting Laffer’s speech and the other supporting gun rights.

The events also sparked comments from President Donald Trump at a Republican student action rally last month.  The President claimed radicals swinging clubs, bats "and everything" and wearing masks and red arm bands mobbed Laffer’s talk.


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