The Associated Press is reporting New York taxpayers are likely to be left holding the bag for millions of dollars in legal bills for former Governor Andrew Cuomo's legal issues.


The AP says the state has already agreed to pay up to nine-and-a-half million dollars to lawyers representing Cuomo as well as those who have been investigating the former governor and his administration over a number of issues.

The Democrat, before resigning office on August 24, had been accused of sexually harassing numerous women, harboring a toxic work environment, covering up the actual number of cases and deaths from COVID-19 in nursing homes and using government workers to help him write his pandemic-response book in a deal that has netted him millions of dollars.

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The three-term governor resigned rather than face impending impeachment proceedings, which also would have cost taxpayers millions beyond what had already been spent on the investigations.

According to the AP report, the $9.5 million figure represents the maximum that could be spent, not the actual bills submitted so far.

It includes up to $5 million for lawyers who have only represented Cuomo's office. It doe not include the legal fees of Cuomo's own private attorney.  Her bills, according to the Associated Press, are being paid by Cuomo's campaign committee.

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