While the field of Democratic Presidential candidates is apparently down to one, there is still a primary scheduled for June and Joe Biden is not the only name on the ballot in New York State.

WNBF News photo
WNBF News photo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed all New Yorkers be able to vote by absentee ballot instead of going to the polls and risk exposure to the coronavirus.

The Governor says he has admiration for the commitment of voters in other states to risk exposure to the coronavirus to stand in line waiting to vote, but he doesn't think people should pit their civic duty against their health.

In announcing absentee voting, residents will not have to provide and accepted excuse like a current health condition in order to get an absentee ballot.

While Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign April 8, his name is still on the primary ballot and the Senator’s team says there is still a push to gather delegate votes to help advance Sanders’ campaign initiatives like healthcare for all as Democrats set their national platform.


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