New York has a lot of signature foods from the best pizza in the world to the spiedie, the most underrated sandwich of them all. But what is the number one signature food in New York?

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Unfortunately, it is not the spiedie.


Binghamton Famous Spiedies
James Kelly/WNBF

I don't know how Binghamton's best kept secret could have been overlooked in the competition for New York's signature food. The only explanation I can muster is that the spiedie secret is so precious that it wasn't even submitted for consideration.

Also to my dismay, the answer isn't pizza.

New York Pizza
peter bravo de los rios/unsplash


Everybody knows New York is the pizza capital of the world. There's not one establishment outside the state of New York where you can get yourself a slice and honestly compare it to the quality of New York pizza. Sure, Chicago has their deep dish thing going on. But the real pizza aficionados know that New York is where it's at.

And also to my surprise, it is not the world-famous bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. They may be available at every deli in the United States, but like pizza those other states simply can't compete with New York's bacon, egg and cheese quality.

The answer, according to an article on Far & Wide by Amanda Tarlton, is a New York bagel.

New York Bagel
Mae Mu/Unsplash

It's a tough choice between pizza and bagels in New York. Our residents will defend the superiority of both to every other state's until their last breath. And we're right to because whether or not New York has the best bagels in the world is not up for debate. Nobody ever brings bagels home with them from Chicago or Los Angeles but they do bring them home after visiting New York.

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