According to a report by Caitlin O'Kane of CBS News, a scared six-month-old service dog escaped his collar, ran 30 blocks, jumped into the Hudson River and swam all the way to New Jersey.

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Talk about an incredible journey. It must have been difficult enough to escape capture through 30 blocks of New York City, but then to jump into the river and swim all the way to New Jersey is just insane.

According to the report, Ellen Wolpin, Bear's owner, only had the dog for about a week and got him as a service dog for her son. She was hoping that Bear had made it to the other side of the river and been found and placed in a good home.

The dog was discovered about two days later standing on the end of a pier in Edgewater, New Jersey. The Edgewater Fire Department managed to rescue the dog and track down the owners to return him.

The report doesn't say what may have startled the young puppy so badly. Whatever it was, it was frightening enough to cause him to wriggle out of his collar and run 30 blocks before choosing the Hudson River over returning to his owners. Thankfully, Bear is a very determined swimmer because the Hudson River is about a mile wide. And judging by the pictures provided by the Edgewater Fire Department, I would say it's unlikely that Bear tries that stunt again anytime soon because he does not look like a happy dog after the ordeal.

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