New York is poised to pass the 400,000-mark for coronavirus infections since the start of the pandemic in March.

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getty images/ wildpixel


That benchmark could come July 10 as the state on July 9 reported a total of 399,531 positive cases of COVID-19 after 584 new cases were added to the total from July 8.

The state, however, is still showing a relatively low number of positive results from the number of tests being done.

65,564 people were tested July 8 and less than one percent; .89% came back positive.

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Tioga and Broome counties are both showing increases in the number of positive tests results for coronovirus over the past day.  While Broome saw one new case, bringing the total to 732 since the start of the pandemic, Tioga recorded five additional positives for a total of 166. 

The number of positive results per number of tests continue to trend very low in the Southern Tier.  The region has the lowest positive-to-test-administered rate in the state at between 0.5% and 0.7% July 7. 8 and 9.

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Officials, however, are warning residents against falling into a false sense of security thinking the pandemic is over. Medical experts say the crisis is far from over as evidenced by most of the rest of the country that has been seeing huge spikes in infections, hospitalizations and deaths, possibly linked to people ignoring calls to wear face masks, social distance and frequently wash their hands and/or governments moving too quickly to restart activities following shut-downs.     

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