In a press release on Wednesday, Governor Kathy Hochul announced New York's third offshore wind energy solicitation, with the goal of providing at least 1.5 million New York homes with clean energy.

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New York, already leading the United States in offshore wind power, wants to add at least an additional 2,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy as part of this effort. Among the provisions of the solicitation is a "meshed ready" offshore transmission configuration, which could save New Yorkers almost $60 million each year with room for growth. The solicitation also calls for in-state manufacturing and has a minimum U.S. iron and steel purchase requirement.

"Releasing our third offshore wind solicitation provides a further opportunity to revolutionize our economy and continue to build a thriving offshore wind industry right here in New York as we continue to grow our nation-leading renewable energy project pipeline," said New York State Energy Research and Development President and CEO Doreen Harris. "We continue to prioritize a transition that is cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and benefits all New Yorkers - and we look forward to partnering with project developers who share those same goals."

Broome County residents are already plenty familiar with wind energy. Just a few weeks ago, WNBF's Bob Joseph reported that a wind farm was being installed in the towns of Windsor and Sanford. That report indicated that the 112 megawatt wind farm is expected to generate enough energy to power 54,000 homes.

New York's Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act stipulates that New York will develop 9,000 megawatts of offshore wind by 2035, which will power a lot more homes than the 112 megawatt wind farm in Broome County. And this solicitation seeking at least 2,000 megawatts of clean, renewable energy will certainly go a long way in achieving that 9,000 megawatt goal.

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