Congratulations!  You’ve won big bucks in a New York State Lottery game!  Get ready for the possibility of anyone you remotely knew hitting you up for cash.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is opting not to follow a handful of other states that allow the winners of state lottery game jackpots to remain anonymous. The Democrat has vetoed a measure that would let winners quietly collect their prizes without public hoopla, big or small.

The legislation had applied to jackpots in New York totaling over $5,000.

The reasoning behind the governor’s December 7 veto?  Cuomo says he wants to make sure people know the state lottery has real winners and New York is not just pocketing money spent on the games.

Winners still have legal options like forming a limited liability corporation or LLC that can shield personal identity to a degree.

If you do strike it rich, it’s always recommended winners seek legal and financial advice before cashing in the winning ticket.

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