A golf dome in Buffalo, New York was reportedly ripped apart by the blizzard conditions that caused a slew of problems across New York this weekend.

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According to a report by Nick Veronica and Nexstar Media Wire for The Hill, the near-hurricane level winds and blizzard conditions that swept across New York this weekend completely destroyed a popular golf dome in Western New York.

The Dome posted on Facebook that it would be closed through Christmas Eve, but there's no word on how long it will take to fully repair the damage that was caused by the winter storm.

According to the report, a neighbor of the dome saw the storm rip out pieces of the dome and send them flying past her window. The neighbor, Sandie Kobee, said "We were without power and it's freezing, so we were changing and all the sudden I see this: 'What the h    is that?' We saw this big thing hanging over and it ripped apart. It just blew off! The entire dome."

It was similar to a Binghamton area catastrophe in 2020, only a little more violent. A prior story on WNBF detailed the collapse of the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex in the Town of Union after several feet of snow fell onto it.

In that case, the sheer weight of the snowfall on the air-supported dome caused it to collapse. In the case of the golf dome in Buffalo, wind gusts as high as 72 miles per hour simply ripped the entire structure apart.

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