On June 8th, Governor Kathy Hochul announced that New York State had been awarded $2.7 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to expand The Emergency Food Assistance Program's reach into remote, rural, Tribal, and low-income areas.

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Funds will be provided to a number of Food Banks located in the state in an effort to prevent vulnerable parties from falling through the cracks. These food banks will be able to expand their operations with increased funding and provide more aid to under-served communities. According to the press release, 2,700 organizations affiliated with the food banks distributed over 90 million pounds of food in 2021.

The Office of General Services Commissioner, Jeanette Moy, said "OGS's long-standing relationships with the food banks enable us to effectively supplement the nutritional needs of New York's most vulnerable populations in all reaches of the state."

The Food Bank of the Southern Tier in Elmira will receive $61,320 in funding to expand their operations. President & CEO Natasha R. Thompson stated that "The Food Bank of the Southern Tier is pleased to partner with OGS on this innovative project that will help us better serve people in need, particularly those in rural communities."

As the price of food rises with inflation around the country, food banks may become an essential provider of nutritious meals for New York residents struggling to keep up. The additional funds will allow food banks to increase the use of mobile and pop-up food pantries, hire more staff and delivery drivers, and give New Yorkers more options when it comes to choosing their food.

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