Courts in New York State are starting to see a jump in filings as the extension of the statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases went into effect at midnight August 14.

Graphic: Kathy Whyte Marisa Tudbaugh/Town Square media
Graphic: Kathy Whyte Marisa Tudbaugh/Town Square media

A one-year litigation window has opened allowing people, who were blocked by previous laws, to file civil lawsuits against large and small groups and individuals connected to child sex abuse incidents.

Under New York's old, strict, statute of limitations laws, many victims lost their chance to seek resolution in court.

The change approved by state lawmakers opens the door for civil suits while criminal litigation was no longer possible.

In addition to suits against alleged abusers, suits were expected to flood the courts against groups and companies that had employed or been associated with the individuals including the Catholic Church, Boys Scouts, government agencies, schools and hospitals.

Some victim advocate groups had advised news outlets that there were suits due to be filed in courts around New York State right as the clock struck 12.

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