New York State Attorney General Letitia James says while she believes most businesses that remain open when they shouldn’t under the Governor’s “New York PAUSE” order are just misinformed, there are some employers that are taking advantage of their staff during the coronavirus crisis.

ColorBlind Images, Getty Images
ColorBlind Images, Getty Images

Speaking on this weekend's edition of the, local weekly public affairs program, Southern Tier Close Up, the Attorney General says her office is prepared to answer questions and take action if needed even as her staff also works from home. 

James says calls to the Albany office or the Binghamton Regional Office (607) 251-2770 are being answered even as state workers also work at home.

Other services available to residents include filing complaints about price gouging or people trying to sell bogus cures or tests, including one national conspiracy-theorist radio host that was peddling toothpaste as a coronavirus cure, questions about unemployment benefits and advice on avoiding scams or making donations to charities.

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