If you’re in Chenango County and you need emergency help, 911 dispatchers could automatically have some crucial information about you pop up on the screen as soon as that call is placed under a new “smart” 911 service.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Residents and people who are frequently in the county can go online to set up a safety profile with essential information concerning medications, exact location of homes, utilities and even pets as well as additional emergency contacts.

Emergency communications officials say a lot of information critical to quickly getting help to a location will show up on a 911 system if the call is made through a land-line. But that information is not locked in with cell phones, which a majority of people now use.

Under the “smart” system, people can provide whatever information they feel is needed for responders to know right away.  The system can even be given information about callers from another phone number who may call on a person’s behalf in an emergency.  Another benefit is, the information shows up even if the caller is not able to speak to a dispatcher.  All the information is confidential.

The service is free.

Citizens can sign up at www.smart911.com for Chenango County.  Broome is expected to roll out its own program in a few months.


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