New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he covered a lot of ground in the face-to-face meeting with the president that he requested.

The Democratic governor and Republican President Donald Trump met at the White House April 21 to talk about restarting the economy, testing for the coronavirus and financial assistance to businesses, hospitals and local governments.

President Elect Trump Continues His "Thank You Tour" In Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Cuomo says he told the president that the last coronavirus assistance bill passed by congress left out funding for local governments and “that’s a mistake” which left "broke" local governments wondering how to pay for schools, health  care and assistance to small businesses

The Senate passed a new aid bill April 21 that totals close to $500 billion and adds funding for hospitals and testing as well as restoring money to the Payroll Protection Program. The measure has the support of both parties in the House and the President. It is the fourth coronavirus relief package and lawmakers are already start to talk about the need for another measure.


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