It's unfortunate when a store closing is announced. Especially if it's a local business. But as we know, national chain businesses can also falter, resulting in some or all store closures.

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One of the latest to downsize is the TGI Fridays Restaurant chain.  According to an article from NBC News, TGI Fridays is closing 36 restaurants across the country.

The reason is that the 36 restaurants are 'underperforming' locations. For many of the workers at these restaurants (80 percent), they are part of 1000 transfer opportunities available to take advantage of.

The company that owns TGI Friday's hired a new leadership team in October 2023 that includes Weldon Spangler, who previously worked in management at Starbucks, Dunkin, and Subway, according to NBC News.

On the PR Newswire website, the CEO was quoted as:

As we continue along our path of transformation to revitalize the Fridays brand and implement a long-term growth strategy, we see a bright future for TGI Fridays. We are at the helm of a pivotal moment that will allow us to explore boundless advancement, expansion, and innovation to keep delivering "That Fridays Feeling™" that our fans know and love. - Weldon Spangler, TGI Fridays CEO 

The Vestal and Syracuse TGI Fridays Restaurants are not on the list of closures. The next closest TGI Fridays to the Binghamton area was in Big Flats, but according to the Elmira Star-Gazette, that location abruptly closed on April 3, 2023.

The restaurants that are closing include five in New York State and Texas, seven in New Jersey, six in Massachusetts, and four in Virginia. Other locations are located in Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, and New Hampshire according to NBC News.

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