One of the things that I love the most about Binghamton is the overwhelming passion and immense creativity of our local artists who are constantly thinking outside of the box to bring us pieces that awe, inspire, and put Binghamton on the map in a really big way.

Binghamton's First Friday Art Walk for September will once again be elevated to a new height of epic proportions with the kick off of the Luma Festival which has grown to become a three day event. During the evening hours of Friday, September 8th, Saturday, September 9th, and Sunday, September 10th, five buildings in downtown Binghamton will be transformed into stunning works of art featuring light, animation projection, and sound.

Both local and international artists will use 3D mapping to mimic the shape and architectural elements of each building so that the images and video will flow with the building outline. High-powered projectors will then be strategically placed to light up the entire face of the building, creating a live canvas right before our eyes.

Binghamton City officials estimate that in 2017 more than 35,000 people visited the Luma Festival as our city was brought to life through light.

In an interview with the Press and Sun, Luma Festival co-founder Joshua Ludzki said, “There’s something really magical and mystical about it. This familiar structure that you’ve seen downtown a hundred times before, that sort of blends into the background, suddenly ... sort of explodes in this way that (makes) you go, ‘My God.’

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