Three local cadets from Civil Air Patrol’s Southern Tier Cadet Squadron have recently earned the “General Billy Mitchell Award”. Mitchell is regarded as the "Father of the Independent Air Force."

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According to the Civil Air Patrol, the General Billy Michell Award Mitchell Award marks the completion of Phase II of the CAP Cadet Program, recognizing sustained excellence in all four areas of cadet life: leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character.

An awards ceremony was held on Thursday December 7th in Johnson City for the three cadets. The cadets are:

Cadet Aiden Lockwood, 14 yrs old from Bainbridge

Aiden Lockwood
photo provided by the Civil Air Patrol’s Southern Tier Cadet Squadron

Cadet Damin Sanchez, 17 yrs old from Binghamton

Damin Sanchez
photo provided by the Civil Air Patrol’s Southern Tier Cadet Squadron

Cadet Caden Carangelo, 17 yrs old from Binghamton

Caden Carangelo

On hand to present the awards included the Civil Air Patrol CNY Group Commander, Major Joe Gallo, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, and a representative of Congressman Marc Molinaro’s office.

The Brigadier General Billy Mitchell Award honors a fearless pilot whose patriotism, foresight, and tenacity surpassed the ridicule he faced. To recieve such honor, according to the Civil Air Patrol news release, cadets must have passed comprehensive examinations on leadership and aerospace topics and have completed a week-long encampment immersing them in a challenging Core Values and Stem environment.

A Mitchell award cadet becomes a cadet officer, and is promoted to the grade of cadet second lieutenant.  If a Mitchell cadet enlists in the Air Force, they will enter at the advanced grade of E-3, Airman First Class.

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