Children across the nation are participating in a national campaign to collectively set a new record of 55 million reading minutes.

According to a news release from the Vestal Central School District, the program is called the READBowl and over 71,000 kids have participated in this year’s event.

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In its fourth year READBowl is a read with Malcolm program that allows kids a chance to read more and to provide teachers with a great way to motivate students to increase their reading time.

Among the students who have logged in minutes for this year’s event include third grade classes at African Road and Johnson City Elementary schools.

Mrs. Liza Turner's third grade class at African Road Elementary have been part of READBowl since January 7th as well as the third-grade class taught by Ms. Kelsey Palmer at Johnson City Elementary School.

The competition challenge started on January 11, 2021 and ended  February 7, 2021 Superbowl Sunday.

Both classes are challenging each other for the most reading minutes throughout the competition with the winning class choosing read alouds for the other class teacher.

All kids are winners as they read more and also get to connect with other local third-graders on zoom every two weeks.

Congratulation to both teachers and their students for their participation in the READBowl 2021 competition.

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