Binghamton University's own Distinguished Professor and Nobel Laureate, M. Stanley Whittingham, has added yet another prestigious accolade to his impressive list of achievements.

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Whittingham has been selected as the joint winner of the $3 million 2023 VinFuture Grand Prize, in recognition of his groundbreaking contributions to the invention of lithium-ion batteries. The prize lauds the combination of solar energy and lithium battery storage as a force in tackling climate change. This distinguished honor was recently presented to Whittingham by the Prime Minister of Vietnam.

Expressing his gratitude, Whittingham humbly stated, "I am truly honored to be chosen for this prestigious award. VinFuture's dedication to recognizing and promoting green and sustainable energy aligns with my own beliefs, and I am extremely proud to have played a role in this endeavor."

Whittingham's career spans over three decades, during which he has consistently pioneered advancements in lithium-ion battery technology. In 2019, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his breakthroughs in this field. Notably, he holds the original patent for the use of intercalation chemistry in high-power density, highly reversible lithium batteries. His contributions have revolutionized the world of energy storage and propelled the widespread adoption of lithium-ion batteries.

The award ceremony honoring Whittingham took place in Hanoi, Vietnam where he was presented the VinFuture Prize presented by the VinFuture Foundation which attracted nearly 1,400 remarkable nominations from 90 countries and territories.

Whittingham's achievements, alongside that of three other winners, stood out for their profound impact on multiple vital domains, including green and sustainable energy, climate change response, sustainable agriculture, food security, and healthcare. Collectively, these advancements are transforming the lives of billions of people across the globe.

The VinFuture Prize was established in 2020 to celebrate the exceptional inventors and researchers from academic institutions, research centers, and the industrial sector worldwide. Through this initiative, the VinFuture Foundation aims to honor and support groundbreaking scientific research and technological innovations that have a lasting positive impact on society.

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