The New York State Department of Agriculture is stepping up the game against a bug that began appearing in the state earlier this year.

A quarantine has been announced on the movement of of certain items from Northeast states, including neighboring Pennsylvania, where the invasive Lanternfly has been found.

Things like firewood, nursery stock, fruit and produce, wooden crates and yard waste are on the quarantine list along with the movement of lawn tractors, grills, tarps and vehicles that have been stored outdoors in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia.

Quarantine items may need to be accompanied with documentation on the origin and destination of the shipments with the Agriculture Department checking at compliance stations around New York State.

Vehicles traveling from infested areas should be checked for Lanternfly egg masses and the eggs thoroughly scraped off.

Lanternflys feed off a wide range of cash-crop trees including apple and maple as well as crops like grapes and hops.

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