Back in the 90s, I helped a former co-worker move from the Binghamton area to Las Vegas. It started as a joke when he said I should drive one of his vehicles to his new place of residence. I took it as an opportunity to travel across most of the country, and he agreed, so off we went on my first cross-country trip.

It was quite an adventure along the way, and I spent a couple of days in Las Vegas, taking in the sights. Since my former co-worker had a boat, we took a cruise around Lake Mead and up to the Hoover Dam. Sights I had seen in many pictures, but never in person. We had fun spending the day on the lake.

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But what we didn't know, or even have any reason to think about, was the fact that the lake may be hiding some secrets. According to News 10 Albany, it's its highest level, the water at Lake Mead was close to 1,225 feet. But its water levels have been dropping because of drought and currently are just below 1,056 feet.

And when waters drop, things become exposed, First, it was reported that an intake valve became exposed, and now according to News 10 Albany, the remains of a barrel were exposed. That barrel contained the remains of a body. The report states that the person may have been killed sometime in the1980s due to personal items found in the barrel. Authorities also stated that there are probably more bodies that have been dumped in Lake Mead.

It's like one of those television crime shows or a mob movie come true when a body is disposed of. It will be interesting what other things Lake Mead may expose if the water levels continue to drop and more about this latest discovery. I imagine the person or persons didn't plan on this ever happening.

via News 10 Albany

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