The New York Knicks ended their west coast road trip with another loss, (their third straight) to the Utah Jazz 108-95

The New York Knicks have had an up and down start to the 2021 season with several losing and winning streaks, coming off a three game win streak with victories over three playoff teams, the Boston Celtic, the Orlando Magic, and the Golden State Warriors, they dropped their last three to the Sacramento Kings, Portland Trail Blazers and Utah Jazz.

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Tom Thibodeau has this young team playing better defense, but their sputtering offense has caused many of their losses the first quarter of the season.

We have seen the improvements in RJ Barrett on both sides of the ball, he is exciting to watch and has shown confidence in his match ups with other teams.

Rookie Emmanuel Quickly is becoming a fan favorite in the first 20 games of his NBA debut, and we see what Austin Rivers can do.

What can we expect from this team going into the next quarter and beyond?

I think most Knicks fans want to make the playoffs this year and with 10 teams from each conference in this shortened season it is a real possibility, the question is, can they do it with what they have right now.

The 2021 NBA trade deadline is March 25th and the Knicks have some good players just sitting on the bench, and some draft picks that could possibly get them a few key players to help get them to the postseason.

Who would they have to give up?  Frank Ntilikina is a no brainier, Dennis Smith Jr and possibly Kevin Knox?

I think the next few weeks will give us a chance to see if this group can step up and get out of their clump slump.

Go Knicks!



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