The Johnson City School District is looking for people interested in helping to form diversity, equity and inclusion policy in the schools.  According to the District website, JCCSD and the Equity Leadership Group are looking for applicants from the area to join the new steering committee. 

The notice from Superintendent Eric Race says the committee “will explore factors and raise potential issues that may contribute to inequities while determining suggested approaches to implement positive change.” 

Getty Images/ Alessandro Biascioli
Getty Images/ Alessandro Biascioli

The information gathered and recommendations will be submitted by the steering committee to the Superintendent and the Board of Education. 

The team will serve for the 2022-2023 school year. 

The final task force is to have between 12 and 20 members and will consist of Johnson City School District faculty, staff, students and parents that will meet at least once per month in the evening.  Members are also expected to dedicate one to two hours a week outside of meetings depending on initiatives, activities and committee direction. 

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As to why a committee is needed, the district says it is looking for help to investigate potential issues of equitable access with transportation concerns, assistance in providing targeted and relevant professional learning opportunities for staff, the coordination of community-focused activities to increase inclusive parent and family engagement and a compiling and analysis of data to explore root causes of any inequities, disparities and disproportionalities that may exist in student data. 

District officials say the goal is to ensure every child in the district has a chance to excel no matter what their social, economic, physical or mental status. Information and an application can be found at

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