Those of us that crave winter weather and the opportunity to go skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling were pretty excited to get New York's first decent snowfall in 2024. Unfortunately, due to mild temperatures, the snow didn't last too long and that's not the only problem.

Recently two brothers set out for a day of ice fishing buy the ice wasn't thick enough to support them and the pair fell through. One brother was fortunate to be rescued. Sadly the other brother didn't make it. Here's what happened.

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On Saturday January 6th, according to a New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) press release, a good Samaritan walking his dog witnessed 2 men that had fallen through the ice at Basswood Pond near Cooperstown, NY. Quickly the individual called 911.

New York State DEC Rangers arrived at the scene at approximately 2:50pm. The first Ranger on-site saw one of the brothers treading water but could not see the 2nd brother.

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Rangers entered the ice and were able to reach the first brother, a 42-year-old male from Richfield Springs, NY. Officials used a throw bag, a floatable bag with a rope attached, to attempt to pull the victim out of the water.

Once he was out of water, Rangers got him on a sled and pulled him to safety. The Edmeston Fire Department crew were able to warm the victim suffering from Hypothermia. Now, what about the 2nd brother?

Basswood Pond
Photo by Jacob Campbell on Unsplash

Just a few short moments after rescuing the 1st brother, authorities located the 2nd brother in approximately 8 feet of water. Officials were able to pull this victim out of the water and rushed him EMT's on-site and then to the hospital.

The first brother was treated and released. Sadly, the 2nd brother was declared deceased.

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