With so many thousands of miles of fantastic waterways in Upstate New York, there are any number of cruise opportunities to avail you or any visitor to our area.  There is literally something for everyone, of all ages, to enjoy on the water in Upstate New York!

Best River Cruises in Upstate New York

This gallery takes a look at ten top cruises to consider for your summer vacation choices this year.  They include boat cruises up and down the Hudson River, Lake Champlain, the St. Lawrence River, the Buffalo waterfront, Chautauqua Lake, the incredible Erie Canal, and others. Each cruise mentioned is directly linked to the company website so you can explore more information and even book online (these tours and cruises fill up fast each summer).

The Erie Canal tour will get you up close and personal with the "engineering marvel of its time."  The Hudson River cruise will get you near the historic river lighthouses.  The Chautauqua Lake cruise will make a "pit stop" at the historic Chautauqua Institution (amazing!), and, perhaps the most unusual boat cruise of them all, the Skaneateles Lake boat tour will let you actually help deliver the U.S. Mail to homes and camps which dot that gorgeous Finger Lake!  Talk about a fun and one-of-a-kind cruise!

We are aware that there are many other cruise opportunities in Upstate to consider (there are more than 30!) so if your favorite boat cruise didn't make this list we ask that you visit our Facebook page and give it a shout-out!

10 of the Best River and Lake Cruises in Upstate New York

With thousands of miles of water frontage in Upstate New York, it is no wonder that there are so many excellent opportunities to cruise them in style. Here are ten top cruises to consider for your summer vacation bucket list. They included cruises on lakes, the St. Lawrence River, the Hudson, and the Erie Canal. Book early!

"Fifteen Favorites" To Put On Your Upstate New York Summer Bucket List

As a long time Upstate New York travel writer, with ten books published, I have always kept a journal of many things I have seen or visited over my 12-years of writing. Here is a random selection of "15 Faves" of mine that I suggest you visit this summer. You won't be disappointed.

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