New York State has a lot of "official" food items.  Our official fruit is the apple, the snack is yogurt, the vegetable is sweet potato (?), and on and on it goes.

But what about an official candy for the Empire State?  Well, not yet!

I humbly submit the great name of "Sponge Candy" for the title of New York State Official Candy.  If you are from Western New York, especially Erie County, I just heard a big "Hooray!!"  The sound most likely heard from other parts of the state might be, "Uh, say what?"

In this gallery we will urge our state to crown sponge candy as its official candy.  There may be other contenders worthy of the title, such as Turkey Joint candy from Rome, NY, or even LifeSavers, whose birthright goes back to Gouverneur, NY, but sponge candy, in our opinion, is in a whole league of its own.

So...what is it?

Well, long story short it is a small chewy cube of pillowy toffee-like candy, drenched in dark chocolate.  There are variations, though.  Sponge Candy has been made in the Buffalo area for well over a century, and you can buy it at numerous candy stores in that region.  Millions of little sponge candies are consumed every year, mostly in Erie County.

In this gallery we will focus on one of the best known makers of sponge candy in Buffalo, Fowler's Chocolates.  They have been making it for over 100 years.  In this gallery you will hear the recipe, the origin, and the legend of the candy which is now in the "truly beloved" class of foods for many.  You will see an amazing eye-popping video of how sponge candy is made at Fowlers.  And, Baby Boomers will know doubt quickly recall Lucy and Ethel shoving chocolates into their mouths along a conveyor belt when they see this video.  "Speed it up!"

So, while I am open to other suggestions from our readers, I would like the powers that be to hear my nomination.  I urge them to make "Sponge Candy," that little mouthful of heaven from out Buffalo way, the Official Candy of the Empire State!

Do I hear a second?

Should "Sponge Candy" Be New York's Official Candy? We Think So!

There are many types of popular regional foods across Upstate New York. From spiedies in the Southern Tier to Michigan Hots in Plattsburgh, every region can boast a favorite. And, since New York State does not currently have an "official candy," we would like to nominate sponge candy for that honor. If you are from Buffalo, I know you will agree. And if you are not, you might be asking "what the heck is sponge candy?" For that group we invite yoiu to read on in this gallery!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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