Feel completely overwhelmed with the state of the economy and suffocating inflation? Most people do but there is some good news in the midst of the gunk.

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If this latest research is to be believed, if you've got a date for Valentine's Day this year and you plan to take them out in Binghamton, you're going to be paying a whole lot less than most other places in New York.

New York Bets wanted to find out which cities in New York were most affordable for Valentine's date night so they crunched the numbers and came up with a top five cheapest cities list. Binghamton wasn't the cheapest, but we were pretty close.

The cheapest city in New York to take your love on a date night is probably not where you'd expect - it's New Rochelle where dinner for two averages $40.00, a bottle of wine costs $18.88, and a taxi is $12.25 for a grand total of $71.13 for dinner, drinks, and transportation.

The most expensive city on the top five cheapest list is Plattsburg where dinner for two costs $65.00, a bottle of wine is only $8.00, and taxi fare is $12.25.

So where does Binghamton land on the list of cheap cities for a date? We sit in third place where dinner for two costs $50, a bottle of wine is $10.00, and cab fare is actually the most expensive of all of the cities on the list, coming in at $20.50.

Other cities to make the list include Watertown and Syracuse.

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