Baseball season is officially underway in the United States and it’s obvious that New Yorkers love their Yankees, but how does the rest of the country feel about the team?

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Online Casino Groups commissioned research to find out once and for all which baseball teams are America’s favorite and the results are pretty interesting!

Researchers analyzed Google search data for all 30 Major League Baseball teams to not only find out which team is most popular in each state, but which team is most popular overall in the United States.

You probably won't be surprised to learn that the New York Yankees are the most popular team in their home state with 1,123,000 monthly searches but  the team is most popular in six other states and that gives the team the bragging rights to say that they are the most popular Major League Baseball team in America, ranking in an average of 3,651,310 monthly searches.

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If you think that the six states in which the Yankees are most favored would be limited to those states that are closest to New York, you’d think wrong. Although Connecticut and New Jersey claim to be big fans of the Yankees, it’s interesting to note that Florida, Nebraska, Utah, and Vermont also claim the team to be their favorite.

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The Atlanta Braves are America’s second most popular baseball team, garnering about 3,100,200 monthly searches and coming in as the third most popular baseball team in the United States is another New York team – the New York Mets. The New York Mets get about 2,342,480 monthly searches.

The least popular Major League Baseball team across the board are the Oakland Athletics, with just an average of 145,590 monthly searches for information on the team.

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