As summer begins to settle in over the Northeast, New Yorkers are gearing up to confront an upcoming heat wave expected to hit the state next week.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

AccuWeather meteorologists predict scorching temperatures in New York, surpassing 90 degrees, signaling the arrival of what is anticipated to be an intense summer season.

While the region has already experienced several summer-like days recently, even hotter weather is on the horizon. As defined by AccuWeather, heat waves consist of prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures lasting for more than two days, and they should not be taken lightly. New Yorkers should begin preparing well in advance for the impending heat wave.

Meteorologists continue to emphasize the necessity of caution as humidity levels will rise and temperatures soar throughout the upcoming week. Elevated pressure systems over the area and a northward shift in the jet stream point towards an extended time of scorching heat, marking the first significant heat wave of the year.

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Brian Donegan, Senior Digital Meteorologist at FOX Weather, warns that the eastern United States, including New York, can expect a potentially dangerous heat wave to grip the region in the final days of spring and the start of summer next week.

Donegan says that temperatures during the day will range from 90-95 degrees, and even at night, lows may hardly drop below 70 degrees, providing little relief. Considering that it is still early in the season, our bodies haven't had time to adapt to the intense heat. With this in mind, Donegan suggests if possible, planning to stay indoors where air conditioning is available to stay cool and comfortable.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

In light of the forecast, residents need to take proactive measures to stay safe and cool during the heat wave. Staying hydrated, staying in the shade, using fans or air conditioning, and wearing loose, lightweight clothing are all things residents can do to combat the scorching conditions.

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