Are you ready for a journey back in time? Then get ready for the Great Race, a highly anticipated event featuring vintage cars, that will be making an overnight stop in Downtown Binghamton on Wednesday, June 26th.

Great Race via Facebook
Great Race via Facebook

Get ready to be amazed by the impressive display of 135 classic automobiles that will be making their way from Kentucky to Maine. The Great Race Foundation has organized this annual event to showcase beautifully preserved vintage cars. Lucky residents of Binghamton will have the opportunity to witness these vehicles firsthand.

Downtown Binghamton will transform into a vibrant hub of automotive history and nostalgia as the event takes place along Washington Street and near the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena. Visitors will have the chance to see these magnificent vehicles up close, making the event perfect for people of all ages.

From classic American muscle cars to elegant European sports cars, the Great Race shows off a diverse range of automotive gems from a bygone time. Each vehicle represents a piece of history, meticulously restored to its original beauty.

While the event primarily focuses on the display of vintage cars, the Great Race is more than just a static exhibition. Participants will compete in a friendly competition, testing their driving skills and navigational abilities. Along the race route, participants are required to follow precise instructions and time their progress accurately, adding an extra element of excitement to the event.

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The stop in Binghamton provides Great Race participants an opportunity to showcase their stunning vehicles to our local community. It also allows residents to witness the beauty of these classic cars and engage with the passionate individuals who dedicate their time and resources to preserving automotive history.

Great Race via Facebook
Great Race via Facebook

The Great Race is something you’ll want to find time to see this Wednesday, June 26th in Downtown Binghamton. Music starts at 3 p.m. at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena with Gowdy Station Blues, Rick Pedro at 4 p.m., and 5th Gear Overdrive at 5 p.m. There will also be cars on display, music, and food.

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