Have you ever experienced the thrill of feeling the ground shake as a military jet buzzed overhead, or witnessed four jets flying so closely that their wings almost touched? Have you ever seen a plane take a heart-grabbing nosedive only to pull up at the very last second? These extraordinary moments are just a glimpse into the world of airshows which showcase the immense capabilities of U.S. military aviation.

The recent Greater Binghamton Airshow, held at the Greater Binghamton Municipal Airport on July 6 and 7, offered attendees an unforgettable experience filled with stunning aerobatics demonstrations and historic performances.

Thousands upon thousands of people attended both days of the event and we would not be surprised to learn that this year's event was the largest Airshow in the history of the Greater Binghamton Airport.

A momentous occasion during the airshow was the presence of Lt. Amanda Lee, the first female fighter jet pilot to fly with The Blue Angels squadron, piloting the number 3 F/A-18E/F aircraft.  Breaking barriers and making history, Lt. Lee soared the sky above Broome County, inspiring little girls who hope to one day join The Blue Angels, proving that the sky is not the limit for those who dare to dream.

Although Lt. Lee is the pioneering female fighter jet pilot to join The Blue Angels squadron, she follows in the footsteps of Marine Maj. Katie Higgins, who shattered the glass ceiling in 2015 and 2016 by piloting the team’s C-130 “Fat Albert.”

@981thehawk Thank you Broome County for a really great Airshow! #broomecounty #binghamton #greaterbinghamtonairshow #blueangels ♬ Legends Are Made - Sam Tinnesz

As the event came to an end, attendees marveled at the thrilling displays and shared the photos they took. These photos captured the excitement, energy, and sheer thrill of witnessing top-notch aerobatics and military aviation up close.

Your Captured Memories: Greater Binghamton Airshow in Photos

The Greater Binghamton Airshow 2024 proved to be a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended including these individuals who submitted photos for us to to share with you. 

Gallery Credit: Traci Taylor

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