If a proposed bill becomes law, New York would expand the type of containers accepted as returnables at redemption centers and double the consumer deposit fee.

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Currently, New York does not accept containers holding milk, wine and liquor, hard cider, non-carbonated sports and energy drinks, non-carbonated juice and tea, water containing sugar, or drink boxes and pouches.

Many believe that if  New York wants its residents to recycle better, the state should accept more containers, including many of those mentioned above.

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New York Senator Rachel May has introduced a bill called the Bigger Better Bottle Bill and May proposes that adding drink containers not currently accepted from the list above will help with recycling efforts as well as reduce litter.

"It only makes sense to add bottles to the list, making our communities cleaner and our recycling system more resilient by reducing waste." - Senator Rachel May

In her bill, May has also proposed that the bottle deposit on accepted containers should be raised from five cents to ten cents. May says that by taking more containers, not only will there be an increase in recycling, but that will trickle down to allow for more job openings at redemption centers.

"Increasing the deposit from a nickel to a dime will help incentivize the return of bottles, which will reduce litter, create jobs at redemption centers, and support community members who salvage bottles and cans for recycling." - Senator Rachel May

May believes that increasing the deposit by five cents will also nudge more people into returning their containers to get their deposit back.

The bill has to pass the Senate before it can be presented to Governor Kathy Hochul for her to consider signing into law.

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