This year, my husband and I took on the task of transforming our son's bedroom into a big kid room. As I stood back and admired the finished project, it dawned on me that none of the adorable décor pieces I had carefully chosen while pregnant and setting up my son's nursery were on display anymore.

A rush of nostalgia flooded over me as memories flooded back of all the items my husband and I had bought for our son when he was just a tiny baby from Babies “R” Us. It struck me that new parents today don't have the same options for baby apparel, furniture, and décor as we did when Babies “R” Us was still open in Johnson City.

But, in a wonderful turn of events for families in the Southern Tier, Kohl's is gearing up to introduce a Babies“R” Us shop at their Vestal store.

Vestal Kohl's Babies“R” Us Shop

When the Babies “R” Us shop opens in Kohl's on the Vestal Parkway, shoppers can anticipate a range of baby gear, furniture, activities, accessories, and more. Alongside these offerings will be Kohl's existing baby and kids' apparel.

Store Experience and Expansion

The incorporation of Babies“R” Us into Kohl's stores signifies a strategic initiative aimed at meeting the changing demands of customers, especially families embarking on the journey of welcoming the next generation. The blend of in-store and online options ensures that parents in the Southern Tier will be able to access a diverse array of baby products and essentials.

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Launch Timeline and Holiday Season Preparation

The rollout of Babies“R” Us shops is set to kick off in August, with continuous openings unfolding throughout the fall. By the holiday season, all 200 planned shops nationwide, including the shop in Vestal, are expected to be up and running.

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