As I was recently filling up my car at a local gas station, I noticed something interesting going on across the street. It involved some sort of vehicle inspection outside of a national pizza chain.

I observed an employee of the store doing some sort of inspection of another person's car. It reminded me of when I hooked up my travel trailer to a tow vehicle. The employee was having the car's owner check the turn signals and backup lights, and headlines to make sure they all worked.

I didn't catch all that was going on, but after speaking with my wife, we concluded that maybe the car owner was about to become a delivery driver and was having her vehicle checked over for any safety issues. Or maybe it was an existing employee having a regular personal vehicle safety checkup. Having never been a delivery driver with my own vehicle, I never really thought about this, but it makes sense.

I'm guessing other requirements are part of the job including a clean driver's license, insurance, maybe a road test, making sure the new employee always uses their seatbelt, and understanding some of the situations they may encounter during their deliveries. Have you ever thought about what your delivery driver goes through to be qualified to deliver food to your door?

Being a delivery driver is considered one of the most dangerous jobs around. Thousands of delivery drivers are injured or killed each year due to vehicle accidents, injuries while performing the delivery, or crimes while completing a delivery.- Society Insurance Website

According to Best Referral  Driver, the requirements for delivering food for Uber Eats include being at least 19 years old, owning a smartphone, and passing a background check. Anyone who has more than three moving violations or major violations in the past three years, will not be allowed to deliver food, among other requirements.

I'm not sure about the requirements for other food services that employ food (or other types of item) delivery drivers who use their own vehicles, but I'm guessing they all go through the same safety check process for the delivery to be a safe one, along with all the other requirement and training that goes along with it.

The next time you get food delivered, know that your driver went through a lot to get where they are and be sure to tip them well.

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