I like to ask questions. A lot of questions. Is that annoying or what?

Well, I want to know what you think! And that's why I toss up questions on social media from time to time to see what your answer will be. This time, the question was "In your opinion, what would you consider the Southern Tier's most famous restaurant (for both locals and visitors?)

Since it's food-related, I figured I'd get a lot of responses. And I was right. But did I think there would be a select few that would dominate the responses? Not really, but that's how it turned out.

And maybe that's why these select few are thought of as the most famous restaurants in the Southern Tier (well, at least throughout the Greater Binghamton area.)

Of course, everyone has their opinion one way or another as to what is better than another. I wasn't necessarily looking for the restaurant that serves the best food, but I'm sure that played a big part in most people's answers.

I imagine atmosphere, friendliness, and service play a factor in deciding the most famous restaurant as well. Anyway, thanks for the answers. I was pleased to see so many local restaurants mentioned (along with several that closed long ago.)

Some of the restaurants mentioned that didn't make the top five, but are still considered famous, a great place to eat, and received several votes, include (in no particular order):

P.S. Restaurant
Jane's Diner
The Skylark
House of Reardon
The Greek House
McCoy's Chophouse
Park Diner
The Brickyard
The Village Diner
Spiedie & Rib Pit
The Blue Dolphin
Phil's Chicken House
The Beef
Frank's Italian Restaurant
Oak's Inn

The Top Five Most Famous Southern Tier Restaurants

#5 - Cacciatore's - Harry L. Drive, Johnson City

Cacciatore's, Johnson City
Google Maps Street View

#4 - The Lost Dog - Water and Henry Street, Binghamton

The Lost Dog
Google Maps Street View

#3 - Michelangelo's - Court Street, Binghamton

Michelangelo's Pizzeria
Google Maps Street View

#2 - Cortese - Robinson Street, Binghamton

Cortese Restaurant
Bob Joseph/WNBF

#1 - Little Venice - Chenango Street, Binghamton

Little Venice Restaurant
Google Maps Street View

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