If you are a native of the Binghamton area, you may have a different opinion of this slice of the Southern Tier of New York, like taking for granted all that is available to residents, for example.

For an out-of-towner like me, when I moved to Binghamton, it was like moving to a big city, because, well, in reality, it was. I grew up in a small town for the first half of my childhood, and then out in the country for the second half of my life. Moving to Binghamton meant that pretty much anything I needed, from groceries to gas, was just minutes away.

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Speaking of interest in moving to the Greater Binghamton area, this past spring (2024) the website Stacker.com noted that while home prices are beginning to normalize in the USA, prices continue to remain high.

Stacker took a look at data from Realtor.com to examine just where people who are looking at Binghamton area homes, hail from. The view share is based on page views of active listings on Realtor.com during the first quarter of 2024.

The top five cities with residents viewing home listings in the Binghamton market are as follows:

#5 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 3.4%


#4 - Washington D.C. - 3.9%

Washington Monument from the Reflecting Pool in Washingon DC, USA.

#3 - Atlanta, Georgia - 4.0%

Downtown Atlanta, Georgia at the sunset time

#2 - Albany, New York - 4.1%


#1 - New York City - 40.6%


How about #6 through #10? Well, all are all New York State cities:

#6 - Syracuse - 3.3%
#7 - Rochester - 2.8%
#8 - Ithaca - 1.8%
#9 - Buffalo - 1.7%
#10 -  Poughkeepsie - 1.5%

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