When I first wrote an article about the upcoming 2024 solar eclipse a couple of years ago, I had no idea it would become such a big event.

We have been informed that the solar eclipse in New York State is bringing an influx of tourists, crazy deals, school closings or early dismissals, warnings, best practices, eclipse events, parties, temporary store closings, and increased police presence.

I guess it's because our neck of the woods is experiencing such a high percentage of the solar eclipse, and it's just a short drive to areas experiencing a total solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse
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As I have reported, many schools in New York State are either closed for April 8th, or will have an early dismissal, and some businesses are shutting down for the short time of the eclipse over their area.

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Parties, gatherings and such have been planned throughout the 115-mile path of the solar eclipse from Mexico through the United States and into Canada. State Police agencies will be stepping up their patrols to keep up with the surge in tourists to areas that will experience the solar eclipse.

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We've been instructed on several safe ways to experience the event, and what not to do when viewing the solar eclipse. Nothing has been left unsaid. Even the New York State DMV has warned on their Facebook page, not to drive while wearing solar eclipse glasses. Wow!

You may ask why that needed to be posted, but I think you know why. The electronic signs throughout the state highway system are now lit with solar eclipse messages.

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I've read about how the solar eclipse may affect your animals. According to an article from Syracuse University - "researchers have found that most animals react to a solar eclipse by beginning their nighttime routines as totality approaches..."

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And now for the crazy solar eclipse deals on April 8th. According to the Associated Press, Krispy Creme and Oreo are selling a limited edition doughnut cookie, Sonic is offering a Blackout Slush Float.

AP also notes that Frito-Lay will offer a special flavored Sun Chip, but it will only be available during the 4 1/2-minute solar eclipse event. Not sure exactly how that will work, since the eclipse will move from Mexico to Canada at different times. minutes of totality. Other national and local businesses are offering deals before, during, and after the event as well.

Towns and cities in the total solar eclipse path are gearing up for an increase in population, traffic congestion, plus packed hotels and restaurants. Arrive early, stay late is the message being conveyed.

I'll be glad when the fuss is all over so we can move on and prepare for the NCAA men's basketball championship game on Monday evening. That's where my priorities lie.

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