The Southern Tier of New York is full of very talented people. No matter what the profession, we have people who can compete with the best in the county on whatever level of the profession they excel at. We've had local people go on to big careers in many fields including sports, acting, musicians, authors, engineers, business, military, and the list goes on.

In the world of competition, The Raymond Corporation announced that one of their welders, Dave Micha, won a gold medal in the international Toyota Material Handling Group Skills Competition.

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The Raymond Corporation began an internal welding competition back in 2015, and it eventually lead to invitations to the Toyota Material Handling Group Skills Competition. Dave Micha bested competitors from several countries including Sweden, France, China, Italy, and other United States participants.

"The passion and dedication our welders like Dave Micha bring to the craft is inspiring and is a testament to the best-in-quality forklifts we build at Raymond..." - The Raymond Corporation

David Micha
The Raymond Corporation via Cision PR Newswire

The welding competition included welding a steel pressure vessel. It requires performing tack welding, executing semiautomatic welding, and finishing the vessel's surface, according to the Raymond Corporation

And Dave was quoted as saying "It was an honor to represent Raymond in the competition and secure this win. I'm proud to work for a company that prioritizes quality and values the skilled trades such as welding."

We're proud of you as well, Dave. Congratulations, and we're sure that your co-workers and the entire Raymond Corporation team are proud of your accomplishments.

via Cision PR Newswire, Raymond Corporation

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