During my searches throughout the World Wide Web (does anyone call it that anymore?), I like to look for things that are weird and/or out-of-the-ordinary. Is that weird or what?

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There surely are more than enough weird and out-of-the-ordinary things to find and see in every corner of the world, and that includes near us as well. Well, I just discovered something out of the ordinary that's just a short drive up Interstate 81.

Specifically, this subject is in the City of Syracuse. Maybe you are aware of it and maybe have even seen it. The subject I am referring to is a downtown building that has what looks like a house occupying the roof of a building.

The five-story building is located at Wolf and North Salina Streets in Syracuse. According to Syracuse.com, the building is the former H.A. Moyer carriage and automobile factory, built almost 130 years ago.

The question is, why is there a house sitting on the flat roof of the building? It had been left in disrepair for many years. The new owner is turning the building into apartments in addition to installing new siding, windows, and roof shingles on the two and half story house, according to Syracuse.com.

So, what and why is there what looks like a house on the top of this five-story Syracuse building? Well, Syracuse.com reveals the answer. As mentioned above, carriages and automobiles were made at the building by the H.A. Moyer Carriage and Automobile Company from the early 1880s until 1915.

Regardless of many rumors that have swirled through the decades, the real reason for the two-and-a-half house built on the roof was only to house a motor that powered the factory’s freight elevator. Syracuse.com states that no one ever lived in the house.

It's believed, but not confirmed that a house rather than just a box cover looked better. This Facebook post from SyracuseHistory back in December 2022 gives a description and photos of the updates to the house.

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