Giving back to the community. It's the backbone of our local area non-profit organizations. The Southern Tier greatly benefits from the tireless work of local non-profits.

And to highlight that fact, Auchinachie Services began a program in 2016 named Auchinachie Cares. Every month, the program selects a local Southern Tier non-profit organization and donates $1,000.00 to their cause.

Some of the many non-profit organizations that have been recognized by Auchinachie Cares include the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Meals on Wheels, Broome County Humane Society, Salvation Army, Broome County CHOW, Catholic Charities, Animal Care Sanctuary, and the American Red Cross to name just a few.

This program brings awareness to our local area non-profits and the amazing work they do for our community. For the month of November 2023, the recipient of the award and recognition goes to the Greater Good Grocery in Binghamton.

The Greater Good Grocery, located at 435 State Street, Binghamton is the Southern Tier's first non-profit grocery store, a division of the Broome County Council of Churches.

All profits go back into the community to support other local charities and families in need. Anyone can shop at the Greater Good Grocery, and your purchases help give back to our community.

According to the Greater Good Grocery website, the store was created because of the need for grocery options in a Binghamton neighborhood where options had been limited. The store provides fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, dairy products, and more at affordable prices.

Do you belong to or know a Southern Tier non-profit that should be considered for the Auchinachie Cares program? Well then, visit the Auchinachie Facebook Page with a bit of information, including contact information about the organization.

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