With the holidays here, one thing I look forward to is the food. It's that time of year when we see and get to enjoy all sorts of foods that we may not make at other times of the year.

My wife makes a dish with those small meatballs, jelly, and other ingredients. Not sure it even has a name to it, but I just can't get enough of those meatballs. It's a flavor that is hard to describe. And one of my sisters makes the most delicious chocolate chip cookies.

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Then, there are the elusive Stauffer's Stars dark chocolate cookies that are almost impossible to get ahold of in local stores. I wrote an article about it. They were at Wegmans for a short time, and then they were gone. I can't find them anywhere except online where the price is three times the cost I paid at the grocery store.

I put the question out on social media - "What, if any, is your favorite type of Holiday/Christmas food?" Thanks for the answers. Some great holiday food ideas. Here are the responses I got back:

Favorite Holiday/Christmas Food

    • Connie T. - Pumpkin pie sweet potato casserole egg nog.
    • Anna S. - My grandmother’s dressing. It’s everyone’s favorite. Now that the grandchildren are older I have to make a double batch.
    • Patricia H. - My fruit salad and sister in laws macaroni and potato salad dad's seafood salad.
    • Virginia V. - Homemade stuffing and apple pie.
      Todd Q. - A drink actually. I love eggnog.
    • Maggie S. -  Fish and homemade pierogies for Christmas Eve and Prime Rib on Christmas Day!
    • Mel G. - Grapenut pudding.
    • Valerie B. - I would love crab.
    • Mickey S. - Oyster stuffing my mom made. So good.
    • Христина Х. - Yes! All the Ukrainian food from my culture.
    • Stacey B. - Egg nog, Christmas ham, and Mac and cheese.
    • Mary G. - Fresh-made cranberry relish.
    • Mel C. - My husband would say stuffing but for me, it’s got to be the candied sweet potatoes.
    • Robyn L. - Cookie cutter cookies.
    • Kelle M. - Homemade eggplant parm and my sister's pierogies.
    • Leo C. - Tourtière.
    • Deborah S. - My Mom's homemade Fruit salad and Rye bread with Dill dip.
    • Brian P. - A variety of German wurst and German potato salad.
    • Chelsey D. - Green bean casserole. Don’t hate me. (author) - Of course, I don't Chelsey!
    • Jennifer L. - French coffee cake, my grandma’s recipe.
    • Natalie M. - I make a banging orange glazed ham!
    • Ann B. - Marshmallow salad.
    • John G. - Cajun chicken subs! Yummy.
    • Phyllis C. -  My mom's special Christmas Bread. It was from a recipe she found in a local newspaper in 1950. My daughter makes it now.
    • Trudy A. - Mom always made scalloped oysters.
      Gwendolyn M. - I loooooved normally a good shrimp cocktail but I can't this year due to my pregnancy. But other than that candied sweet potatoes or yams absolutely nothing better.
    • Franklin B. - Prime Rib for Christmas dinner.
    • Tia Z. - Homemade lobster stew.
    •   Bob N. - Eggnog!
    • Kane K. - 7 fishes on Christmas Eve!
    • Sabrina J. - My dad's homemade stuffing my daughter travels home just for it that how good it is.
    • Dave C. - Kolachki.
    • Kathy K. - Christmas Eve is Cioppino. Christmas Day is Standing Rib Roast.
    • Jason T. - Aunt Rosetta makes the best eggplant.
    • Lisa T. - Fruitcake. My grandmother’s recipe. Like none other.Eric E. - Bowl of Frankenberry. (Okay, that's interesting. No judgment here! - author).
    • Kate O. - stuffing with gravy.
    • Paul K - Zazvorniki.

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