With Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, that means the unofficial beginning of the summer season is almost here.

That means so many things, including partaking in many outdoor activities, including swimming. Once Mother Nature turns up the heat, there's nothing better than cooling off in a swimming pool, the ocean, a creek, stream, pond, lake, or river.

But, there are a few things to keep in mind before hitting the water. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has some safe water tips to be aware of. Even though that body of water you are about to dive into, looks safe, germs can be awaiting you.

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Water and even sand can contain germs that often come from human or animal feces. Heavy rain can be a culprit in carrying germs into swim areas. That can contaminate the water, causing you to become sick if swallowing it, or cause an infection with an open cut or wound.

How To Avoid Germs During Swimming

According to the CDC, if you're planning on heading out to a natural body of water to swim, check ahead of time (usually online works) to see if the swim areas are currently monitored, under advisory, or have been closed for health or safety reasons, especially after heavy rain.

If you have health problems that may prevent your body from fighting germs, it's best to consult with a healthcare provider before jumping into that natural body of water.

Before heading into a natural body of water, if it looks cloudier than usual, is discolored, or smells bad, don't go in. That could mean there are more germs in the water than normal.

Ready To Swim?

If the swimming area is safe, keep this in mind: Don't swallow the water, keep sand away from your mouth and children's mouths, and don't use the water you are swimming in as a substitute for a bathroom if you know what I mean.

For more information, visit the CDC Healthy Swimming website.

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