New York is the worst state to live in. I'm going to leave New York State as soon as I can. This state is just the worst. Anywhere else in the country is better than New York State.

And the comments you see and hear trashing the Empire State go on and on. We've all heard it. Sure New York State has its issues. And all of us who live here have our likes and dislikes about the state.

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I'm not a fan of New York winters, but I love New York summers. There is so much beauty and things to do in New York State, especially in Upstate New York. But, how does our state ranks when it comes to raising a family?

Best & Worst U.S. States To Raise A Family

Wallet Hub just released its findings ranking 2023's best and worst states to raise a family. They based the findings on five categories including family fun, health & safety, education & child care, affordability, and socio-economics.

Each category has several metrics to each and is weighed on a point scale. For example, under the Family Fun category, a couple of metrics include the number of attractions and fitness & recreational sports centers per capita.

Which U. S. States Rank The Best and Worst?

What does Wallet Hub rank as the best state to raise a family?  Massachusetts, followed by Minnesota. And coming in a number three? New York State. Well, how about that?

Breaking it down, New York ranks 2nd for family fun, 9th for health and safety, 14th for education and child care, 6th for affordability, and 46th for socio-economics. Ouch, I guess we need to work on that last category.

Rounding out the top five overall are North Dakota and Vermont. Pennsylvania is a respectable #18 on the list of 50 states. The bottom five include from #46 to #50 - South Carolina, Louisiana, West Virginia, New Mexico, and lastly, Mississippi.

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11 New York State Stereotypes

Each of the 50 states has it's good, it's bad, it's ugly, and it's stereotypes! Living in New York is far from an exception from this.

Whether you live bordering Canada or are all the way down in Manhattan yelling "I'm walking here!" at the tourists stopped in the middle of Times Square, you're tainted by outsiders with the classic New York State stereotypes.

Whether you can say you agree or not;

Here are 11 New York State stereotypes and misconceptions...

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The homeowners in which New York counties pay the most in property taxes? See the answer to that as well as how our Southern Tier counties stack up (info pulled from

The 10 Commandments of Binghamton, NY

Every area has their spoken & unspoken rules, ethics, and principles; and just like the biblical 10 Commandments, Binghamton has some too.

Here are the 10 Commandments of Binghamton, NY...

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