Ah, the drinking establishments of our youth. When I turned 18, that was the legal drinking age. But to be honest, I didn't go out to bars until I moved to the Binghamton area from my home in Western New York.

I think one of the first bars I regularly spent time at, if not the first bar, was Popeyes in the Northgate Plaza, off Upper Front Street in Binghamton. Of course, that bar is long gone.

I also spent a lot of time at the Esprit/Eclipse when it was in the back of the then-Ramada Inn, as well as The Woods which was just off the Vestal Parkway in front of WICZ-TV Fox 40. Below is what it looks like now. Just an empty space with a Cheers sign.

Former Power & Light-Woods-Scandals
Google Maps Street View

The only thing left there is a sign for Cheers that never came to be. I wonder who owns that property and sign, and why is the sign still there decades later? Just one of my burning questions.

Anyway, I asked this on social media - "Without saying your age, what is one bar you hung out at in your 20s in the Southern Tier?" Did I get any responses? Well, that's an understatement. I sure did. Over 1000 responses.

Here's a small sampling of some of those responses, many of these bars are no longer around, and for the complete list, visit our Facebook page.

Mike B. - Mosquito Lounge
Tom D. Yondas, Pine Lounge, Scotch and Sirloin, The OP, College Inn
Connie D. - Our Little Corner
Ken D.  - Flying Machine, a legend of a place!
Bill B. - Uncle Andy's

George S. - Bobby Dees (below, I think?), Raven Pub, Popeyes, and the ones on Clinton Street

Former Bobby Dees
Google Maps Street View - Former Bobby Dees

Nancy B. - Cork-n-Bottle
Jim K. - Oakland Inn
Valerie P. - Nichols Hotel
Tom B. - Irish's State Line Tavern
Dennis M. - Reds Good Luck in Conklin and State Line in Corbettsville

Jenna G. - Bar 607 (former location below)

Former 607 Bar
Google Maps Street View
Heather Q. - West Side Cheers
Tina H. - Our Little Corner
Lisa B. - College Inn
Megan H. - The Haunt
Cindy T. - A hole in the wall in Elmira, NY. I'm thinking the name of the bar was, Sammy's, not sure. Circa 1978...What kept me coming back? Good-looking farmers.

Tam L. - Party on the Patio at the Holiday Inn (below)

Party on the Patio
Google Maps Street View

Mike D. - Country Bobs
Mark J. - Fitzie’s Irish Pub - by the Arch
Nick D. - The Keg, The OP, Waples
Karen S. - Dark Horse
Sandy P. - Gondorf's 

Jenise Cicirello - JT’s (former location below)

Former JT's
Google Maps Street View
Ann S. - The Inferno and The Library 
Michael C. - The Tazz 
Linda M. - Riverside and Martys
Marina B. - Scoreboard
Dan W. - Dry Brook Inn

 David R. - Ale House. Gas 65 cents. Cig machine at the front door for 4 quarters. Pint 85 cents. Ahhh and hidden parking in the rear.

The Ale House
Google Maps Street View

Rick F. - Amp's
Mandy B. - The Other Place, The Cash Inn, Drummer’s, and The Sportsmen’s Club (great 10¢ wings)
Ty S. - Barton’s Inn
Todd B. - North Forty
Amanda Y. - Funzy’s

Cathy D. - PJ’s on the Southside of Binghamton, My Uncle’s Place in Hillcrest
My Uncle's Place
Google Maps Street View
Chip S. - Jimmy's on Clinton....but I was 18 and so was the drinking age. Thirsty's, Amps, Uncle Tony's, Tom & Marty's, The Rathskeller, The Verticle Club (?)
Regina R. - Yondas
Stephanie G. - The Flying Machine
Kenny R. - The Strike Zone
DebnJade B. - Danceland

Louise Thomas - Sharkey's

Bob Joseph/ WNBF News
Bob Joseph/ WNBF News
 Laura N. - Pine, Wine Cellar- what was the name of the country one near the Binghamton bus station with peanut shells all over the floor?
Rick G. - The Strike Zone
Brittany P. - The Pine Lounge
Tiffany H. - Legends
Mike P.Just saying Thirsty's, give me a pitcher who needs a glass

 Tracey Pierce - Icehouse, Empire Club, CJs, Eclipse (below)
Former Eclipse Nightclub
Google Maps Street View
 Vicky B. - The Galley
Angie S. - Xanadu
Kathleen S - Reel to Reel
Karen M. - The Gin Mill
Shanna B.The Icehouse 
Andrea L. - Delgados, and The Tiki Bar (below)
Cosmo's Corner
Google Maps Street View

Stephanie G. - The Flying Machine
Lisa P. - Thirsty's, Headquarters, Blue Moon, Rock Bottom
Kelly P. - The Rusty Nail
Maurice H. - Jacks by the Tracks

Christine Clark-Schultz - Blue Moon, Amps and the Outpost

Colin W. - Number 5

Old Number 5 Restaurant
Google Maps Street View


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