Who doesn't love exploring a haunted mansion? It doesn't have to be just around the Halloween season, either.

Of course, whenever the subject of haunted mansions comes up, I immediately think of the Haunted Manion at the Disney parks. I've been on both of those rides in Orlando and Anaheim.

But, an amusement park ride is nothing compared to the real thing...that is if there is a real thing as a haunted mansion. I suppose it's all about what you believe in.

I found four places in New York State linked to being haunted. I'm sure there are more, and I'll get a list of others on social media after this article is read. And I'll have to check them out!

Two of the four places rumored to be haunted, are right here in the Binghamton area. Take a look at these four haunted mansions below and be prepared to be scared...or amused...or skeptical. Your choice.

Roberson Mansion, Front Street, Binghamton

Roberson Mansion
Google Maps Street View

However, you pronounce it - Rob-er-son or Robe-err-son, there is no doubt a story behind this beautiful mansion. It's part of the Roberson Museum and Science Center, featuring amazing displays, and even has a cool planetarium.

Wikipedia notes: The mansion is supposedly haunted by the ghost of its former owner, Alonzo Roberson. His spirit is believed to still roam around and apparitions have been seen in the elevator and along the upper corridors.

Many years ago, I joined a couple of my radio co-workers, spending the night at the museum. While we heard some strange, unexplained noises, we never saw anything. Probably for the better. Not sure we would have stuck around, had we seen the ghost of Alonzo.

Phelps Mansion, Court Street, Binghamton

Phelps Mansion
Google Maps Street View

The Phelps Mansion was originally called the Monday Afternoon Club. Built in 1870, it was the home of Sherman D. Phelps. According to the website, Haunted History Trail of New York State:

"...people report seeing apparitions of spirits in period clothing watching tour groups from a distance. There have been several reports about a clock that is never wound - but will chime at random times of the day. The mansion has experienced items being moved, doors closing and opening on their own, and even sounds of footsteps when no one is around."

I've visited the Phelps Mansion a few times. I even DJ'd a couple of weddings there in the past. I never noticed anything out of the ordinary. But then again, as my wife would say, I'm not too observant of things around me. She's not wrong.

Ten Broeck Mansion, 9 Ten Broeck Place, Albany

Ten Broeck Mansion
Google Maps

Wikipedia notes that the Ten Broeck Mansion was owned by Elizabeth (Van Rensselaer) Ten Broeck and her husband Abraham Ten Broeck in 1797. Abraham was twice, Mayor of Albany.   Haunted History Trail of New York State writes:

"...children who lived in the house reported seeing a strange man whenever they ventured to the top floor. The mysterious and solemn figure, which often appeared in otherwise empty hallways, gave no hints as to his identity or why he haunted this once-elegant house.

Blithewood Mansion,  Bard College, Annandale-On-Hudson

Blithewood Mansion
Google Maps

This former home is located in the Hudson Valley. According to the New York Haunted Houses website, Andrew Zabriskie, a real estate mogul built this home in 1900. He had four statues built in the garden, one for each of his daughters. After one of the daughters died from falling out of a New York City apartment window, her statue went missing. New York Haunted Houses notes that locals say her spirit took up residence in the home and wanders around the property to this day.

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