The Buffalo Bills are now looking forward to their week 7 matchup vs. the New England Patriots this Sunday afternoon. The 1 pm kickoff in Foxborough will be the first meeting between the two AFC East rivals this season.

Some Bills fans are still looking back to the ugly week 6 win over the New York Giants. The game was supposed to be a blowout but instead, came down to the last play of the game, where the Bills narrowly won.

The Giants started Tyrod Taylor at quarterback, which was his first time back in Orchard Park since leaving in 2018. The Giants head coach is former Bills offensive coordinator and Buffalo native Brian Daboll, who returned on Sunday.

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Daboll was with the Bills from 2019-2021 and is credited as helping Josh Allen blossom into a star.

We don't know the relationship that Bills head coach Sean McDermott had with Daboll, however. The two didn't have much contact before Daboll arrived in Buffalo and they both have polar opposite personalities.

McDermott is the calm, collective guy who doesn't give the media anything. Daboll wears his emotions on his sleeve and has had more fun with interviews in the past.

Perhaps there's friction with McDermott and Daboll, judging by this video. The two briefly shook hands after the game and went their separate ways. McDermott didn't even really look at Daboll.

Obviously, this is speculative. We don't know what happened (if anything) between the two. What we do know is this isn't normal. Typically, head coaches shake and say a few words to one another once the final horn blows. This was not that at all.

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