We are just days away from the end of 2022 and if you didn't get to the resolutions that you made yet, you are running out of time. From weight loss goals to stop smoking to saving money, we all start the year thinking we will improve things for our lives. But as the new year begins in 2023, there may be some changes that you didn't think about.

There are some traditions that run deep here in The Empire State. One of them is the sport of horse racing! Thousands flock to New York State each summer to watch the horses run and there are even some tracks that operate through the winter. But there is a group that wants to see that end as we enter the next year.

There is a petition that is circulating that is calling for Governor Hochul to end horse racing in New York State.

Governor Hochul, be bold, set an example for the rest of the nation by moving our collective morality forward. End the cruelty. End the suffering. End the killing. End horseracing.

It was just a few weeks ago that California made news as some towns and cities called for the ban of the sport of rodeo or various rodeo events. New York State is normally on the same page as California when it comes to progressive legislation and there are some who fear that rodeo may soon be a thing of the past here in the Empire State. The new year may bring some changes and with a few days until the ball drops, the pressure is on.

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